Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mixtape: Jazz Cartier - Losing Elizabeth

I've already introduced you to Jazz Cartier--the immensely talented 17-year-old MC from Connecticut via Toronto. From the first time I listened to "Gold. & Girls.", it was plenty easy for me to see the kid was unlike most others. Since, I've anxiously awaited his debut mixtape Losing Elizabeth and, thankfully, it's finally arrived.

Tip of my cap goes to the guys at weworemasks, who were the first to share Jazz with me. They also had a chance to chat with him briefly over Gmail and this is some info on the record they dug up:

Losing Elizabeth is a catalog of a time that involved the break up of his first love (cliched, but it’s molded a certain way here), coupled with the fact that he missed his hometown while off at boarding school, wanting to make things work out for himself. Toronto and Houston have had a huge impact on him as well, and with the release of this album, he hopes that people just want to get to know him better through his music, if anything at all. He made personal progress with himself on the record and coming around on his situations helped him land on Losing Elizabeth.

And he said himself, he’s not wanting to “hype it up himself,” and he wants the music to speak for itself.

In other words: get at it now and tell all your friends I knew Jazz when.

Download: Jazz Cartier - Losing Elizabeth

MySpace: Jazz Cartier

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