Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Still here

Still here even though it's been awhile. Hope you been enjoying Tyga's music video for the last couple weeks. Some quick notes.

-So far home has been to nasty. Having the time of my life. Chillin with the boys and meeting mad new people. Just soaking it in.
-Hopefully I can pass my drug test soon and get the banquet job. That'd be ideal. Fingers crossed.
-Jon Lester is a fucking beast. First beats cancer, then throws a no-hitter. Straight props.
-Check out MURS and The Roots, particularly their new album "Rising Down". If you haven't spun it yet, give it a listen. A grower, but solid work.

Hold on, dear God
time runs down our fingertips
and through the holes in our palms.
We shall never betray, never again, never again.
The royalty we boast, the crown we bear for glass subjects.
Never turn into the shadows from you again.
You love what you create, and this is a fucking masterpiece.
In the sunlight of the early morning, we shine bright with the brightest glory.
Never again. Never again.
This is waking up.