Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stream: Our Last Night - We Will All Evolve

Liked "Elephants". Loved "Across The Ocean". About to figure out what's good with the remainder of We Will All Evolve. You can too!

Stream: Our Last Night - We Will All Evolve

Video: Lupe Fiasco - "I'm Beamin'"

First video off Lasers and there's a lot of similarities to the visuals B.o.B just dropped for "Bet I Bust". Simplistic, but spiked with just enough of hi-def special effects to keep it glossy. Song's starting to grow on me too...hopefully Lasers will get a release date soon.

Download: Lupe Fiasco - "I'm Beamin'"

MySpace: Lupe Fiasco

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Video: B.o.B - "Bet I Bust" (feat. T.I. & Playboy Tre)

Can't knock B.o.B's publicists because they are definitely getting the Bobby Ray name out there. Here's the new color-splashed video for "Bet I Bust"...awesome visuals, but don't know about all the sequenced dancing. The Adventures of Bobby Ray is out now...get at it if you haven't yet.

MySpace: B.o.B

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

J. Cole - "Who Dat"

Here's our first taste of what's to come from J.Cole's debut record Cole's World. Beat's on point with some big band flare and, though I've noticed from him before, J. goes in with an aggression reminiscent of Nas. Gotta give HUGE props on the "Spottieottiedopalicious" reference as well. Kid's got too much promise...check this out at meet your favorite new MC.

Download: J. Cole - "Who Dat"

MySpace: J. Cole

Video: The Gaslight Anthem - The Making of American Slang (Pt.1)

Aside from touching on the album's creation, video provides great insight into who these guys are and what they're all about as a band. American Slang might is definitely one of my most anticipated records for the rest of 2010. Also liking the PT.1 status on this...keep 'em coming. American Slang drops June 15th.

Watch: The Gaslight Anthem - The Making of American Slang (Pt. 1)

MySpace: The Gaslight Anthem

Video: T.I. - "I'm Back"

Think the song title says it all. Shit's hot and the video isn't far off.

MySpace: T.I.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Stream: B.o.B - The Adventures of Bobby Ray

Let the takeover begin.

Stream: B.o.B - The Adventures of Bobby Ray

Video: Circa Survive - "Get Out"/ "Strange Terrain" (Alter The Press Acoustic Sessions)

Circa stopped by Alter The Press to preform acoustic versions of the first two cuts off Blue Sky Noise. Apparently no constraints, small room and a scarf included, can keep Anthony from rocking the fuck out. All ya'll know my feelings on Blue Sky Noise, so just get at it.

MySpace: Circa Survive

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Video: Our Last Night - "Elephants"

Our Last Night go all Jackson Pollock in the video for their lead single off We Will All Evolve, which drops May 4th. Good shit.

Our Last Night - "Elephants"

Our Last Night (NEW! LAYOUT & PREORDER TODAY!) | MySpace Music Videos

MySpace: Our Last Night

Friday, April 23, 2010

B.o.B - "Not Lost" (feat. T.I.)

Can't keep up with all the new material B.o.B's has been dropping off late. Here's another fresh cut featuring T.I.P. that was apparently nixed from The Adventures of Bobby Ray because they couldn't get clearance for the Coldplay sample in time. Real shame because this track bumps hard. Could see this one blowing up anyways. Get ready for the takeover on April 27th.

Download: B.o.B - "Not Lost" feat. T.I.

MySpace: B.o.B

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Video: Thrice - "Circles" (live)

Spotted some good-quality video (minus the static) of Thrice performing "Circles" at Cleveland's House of Blues. Anything of Beggars is newsworthy in my eyes. The guys are #1 on bands whom I've never seen live who I need to get to.

MySpace: Thrice

Good Old War - "My Own Sinking Ship"

Good Old War actually performed this in studio back in July, but didn't bother laying it down until recently. Now we get a glossy, high-quality mp3! Good things come to those who wait. By the way, if this track's a sign of things to come from Good Old War, count me in.

Download: Good Old War - "My Own Sinking Ship"

MySpace: Good Old War

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blu - "BossCo.2"

B-L-U drops a new track spitting a squeaky clean flow over some SERIOUS bass bumpin'. Still think he's top of the class as far of up-and-coming hip hop artists are concerned. Don't know what kind of material in terms of official shit we have coming our way from him, but anything coming fresh out the studio is much appreciated by yours truly.

Download: Blu - "BossCo.2"

MySpace: Blu

Wale - "Kini Big Deal" (freestyle)

Wale flashes his mic skills and busts out a dope freestyle over "Kini Big Deal". Is there anything this dude can't do?

Download: Wale - "Kini Big Deal" (freestyle)

MySpace: Wale

Interview: The Gaslight Anthem (Gibson Guitars)

Brian Fallon answers some questions on his guitar preference, American Slang, and which classic rock song he wished he'd written (spoiler alert: It's "Layla"). June 14th can't come fast enough.

Interview: The Gaslight Anthem (Gibson Guitars)

MySpace: The Gaslight Anthem

Stream: Minus The Bear - Omni

Get an early taste of Minus The Bear's new record Omni thanks to an exclusive stream from So-Cal's 89.9 FM. Shit's jam-packed with all the psychedelic groovy goodness we've come to expect from 'em. Think this is gonna be a go-to for awhile. Omni drops officially May 4th.

Stream: Minus The Bear - Omni

MySpace: Minus The Bear

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

B.o.B- "Airplanes Pt. II" (feat. Hayley Williams and Eminem)

I'm all over Pt.1, but now Bobby Ray has switched up the beat, added new verses, and lets Em step to it. And of course no ones worried about Hayley's hook not holding up. I know they say "if I ain't broke, don't fix it" but this might have just proved the exception. Adventures of Bobby Ray = instant classic...calling it now.

Download: B.o.B - "Airplanes Pt. II" (feat. Hayley Williams and Eminem)

MySpace: B.o.B

Video: 3:16 with J. Cole

J.Cole's grown to be one of my favorite young artists. Dude's got crazy knowledge. Here's his episode of a new series worked out by Yours Truly/The Smoking Section called 3:16 that features hip hop artists spitting their personal favorite verse and speaking on the meaning behind it. J. explains what he takes away from Nas' "Undying Love" before opening minds on "Lights Please".

J.Cole 3:16 - Verse 2 and 3 from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Download: J.Cole - "Lights Please"

MySpace: J. Cole

Stream: The Hold Steady - Heaven Is Whenever

NPR kindly posted a full stream of The Hold Steady's new record Heaven Is Whenever. Singles off this were promising (especially "Hurricane J" and "The Weekenders") and still think the album art is classic. Thoughts coming later, but for know get over there and give it a listen. Heaven Is Whenever is due out May 4th.

Stream: The Hold Steady - Heaven Is Whenever

MySpace: The Hold Steady

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Video: Jay-Z - "Young Forever" (feat. Beyonce) (Live at Coachella 2010)

Jay-Z brought out his bride to blos up Mr. Hudson's hook in "Young Forever" at his Coachella set this year. Anyone who tries to say Beyonce isn't one of the top talents out there is kidding themselves. *mind blown*

Download: Jay-Z - "Young Forever" (feat. Beyonce) (Live at Coachella 2010)

MySpace: Jay-Z

Friday, April 16, 2010

Video: Lupe Fiasco - "Scream" (New Song Live)

Lupe dropped this new song on the folks at my native DC's 9:30 club when he brought the Steppin' Lazer's tour through. Tracks aggressive as hell with Lu spitting fire over a sizzling riff...definitely better than a lot of the new material he's unveiled over the past couple months. Teeter-tottering on my expectations for Lazers, but this one pushes me more towards the excited end than the apprehensive one. And to the bro in the video going wild: chillllllll.

MySpace: Lupe Fiasco

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sage Francis - "The Best of Times"

Been awhile since we've heard the wise words of Sage. Now the Providence MC is back with a new cut off a new record entitled Li(f)e. Looks like he's abandoned bass-bumping beats for a more abstract rock feel, as this song ventures from an ambient arrangement (thanks to Amelie composer Yann Tiersen) to a swirling full band backing. As per usual, Sage's genius spoken words are personal and thought-provoking. Basically imagine a beat poet rapping over Sigur Ros and you're on the right track. Stoked x 100000000000 to hear what else dude's got in store for us. Li(f)e drops May 11th.

Sage Francis - The Best of Timesbyantirecords

MySpace: Sage Francis

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Video: Astronautilus - "Story of My Life" (feat. P.O.S.) (AP.Net Backstage Sessions)

Stef and Astronautilus stepped up for's next backstage session, performing the closer off Pomegranate. Probably the song I spin most off that record and, once you get used to the weird sound quality in the video, the performance here is pretty tight. Know the duo is linking up for a joint record soon...can't wait to hear what comes outta that.

"If you don't scratch when the itches make your hair stand tall, they make shake you but you won't fall down"

P.O.S. and Astronautalis - "The Story of My Life" Absolutepunk.Net Backstage Sessions from Keagan Ilvonen on Vimeo.

MySpace: Astronautilus

First Impressions: Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise

So many great albums have come out in 2010 that I've wanted to review, but fell behind on and never put words down on. Trying to fix that issue, so to keep things more concise, I'm gonna just post some thoughts on a new album after the first couple quality listens aka First Impressions.

Appropriately one of my favorite bands (and most listened to if you ask Last FM) kicks this off. Circa disappeared into the woods for most of the past year and left all of us wondering what would come out. Well they responded with their most straightforward, but polished record to date. Lead singles "Get Out" and "Imaginary Enemy" introduce how the band has scaled back the intricate effects and stepped up the songwriting. Loopy opener "Strange Terrain" and airy "I Felt Fine" follow the cleaner approach with soaring choruses and bulky percussion (bassist Nick Beard's delivers beast lines on many tracks). For the fan's wanting more of the experimental feel Circa tinkered with in On Letting Go, look no further than the sinister "Through The Desert Alone" and spacey "Longest Mile". As expected, Anthony Green's vocals shine in every song. He may not reach as high for his notes, but the power and various registers he explores proves he's not just a gimmick, but a true singer. All I can say is I got a feeling I won't be listening to much else for awhile.

For some insight to what went into writing Blue Sky Noise, check out this article, and don't forget to hit the link to Circa's MySpace below to peep a full album stream.

Buy: Circa Survive - Blue Sky Noise

MySpace: Circa Survive

Big Sean - "Bullshittin'"

Not as epic at "Way Out" so we'll see if this shows up on Finally Famous, but Sean's having supa dupa fun. Can't get past how much this kid sounds like Kanye. Guess it's why they're G.O.O.D. Family.

Download: Big Sean - "Bullshittin'"

MySpace: Big Sean

Video: Butch Walker - "Pretty Melody"

Butch Walker decided not to take his video shoot for "Pretty Melody" too literally and add a distinct ninja quality to it. Visuals are incredibly slick and the countless cinema references are a nice touch. Always felt the build-up/hook of this song sounded so much like Springsteen, with all the bombast and keys. Either way, I Liked You Better When You Had No Heart is worth your time so see yourself to it.

Watch: Butch Walker - "Pretty Melody"

MySpace: Butch Walker

Monday, April 12, 2010

Video: Drake - "Over"

Drake's lead single off the-now June 15th set Thank Me Later gets video treatment in 'Ye-esque fashion. Visuals in this definitely match the aggression Drake goes in with. Remember my skepticism when back when this first came out? Consider that crumbled. Verses were always on point, but now I'm on board with the hook and beat too. Genius stuff. Guess it takes awhile when your ahead of the curve. I got you Drizzy, bring on Thank Me Later.

Download: Drake - "Over"

MySpace: Drake

The Hold Steady - "Barely Breathing"

A lot of people have given The Hold Steady shit for not shaking up their sound enough on the tracks they've released thus far off Heaven Is Whenever. "Barely Breathing" should put and end to that talk. Piano rolls, a clarinet solo, and Craig Finn's dreamy wailing sounds like something out of a swing club in The Twilight Zone rather than the dive bar image they usually provoke. Can't say they haven't been listening. Heaven Is Whenever drops May 4th.

Download: The Hold Steady - "Barely Breathing"

MySpace: The Hold Steady

B.o.B - "Airplanes (feat. Hayley Williams)

Paramore leading lady Hayley Williams teams up with Bobby Ray and the result is madness. B.o.B continues to sound like the South's answer to Lupe Fiasco and Hayley's hook is gigantic. Adventures of Bobby Ray just jumped another level of anticipation in my book and this song probably will (and deserves to) blow the fuck up. Simply put: get at it.

Listen: B.o.B - "Airplanes" (feat. Hayley Williams)

MySpace: B.o.B

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wale - ''The Break Up Song"

Looks like Wale let the girls get the better of him and now he wants to vent about it, dropping this off via Twitter. One of the more traditional hip hop beats he's ever stepped up to, but kills it nonetheless. Not sure if this track will ever show up on anything, but so long as it's new, its good with me. Always another train coming homie!

Download: Wale - "The Break Up Song"

MySpace: Wale

Refelction Eternal - "Strangers" (feat. Bun B)/ "Midnight Hour" (feat. Estelle) (clip)

Here's new cuts off Revolutions Per Minute. Bun B goes in with Mr. Kweli on Hi-Tek's fight song instrumental to "Strangers" and British songbird Estelle offers a snobby intro to "Midnight Hour", before switching into full on Motown sway. Tag these up with lead single "In This World" and this record is shaping into a bright shiny gem...check for it May 11th.

Download: Reflection Eternal - "Strangers" (feat. Bun B)
Download: Reflection Eternal - "Midnight Hour" (feat. Estelle) (clip)

MySpace: Reflection Eternal

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Video: Suzanne Vega - "Tom's Dinner" (Live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

Suzanne Vega dusted out this classic with a little help from ?uestlove and Co. Doo doo doo doo doo doo...

Our Last Night - "Across The Ocean"

Our Last night dropped another new track off We Will All Evolve with The intro to this one threw me off a bit (Autotune?), but the song comes in full force eventually and the hook is gigantic. Trevor still isn't perfect, but his screams sound reasonably more powerful than anything on The Ghosts Among Us. Epic shit. Looking forward to May 4th.

Listen: Our Last Night - "Across The Ocean"

MySpace: Our Last Night

Stream: Coheed and Cambria - The Year of the Black Rainbow

Coheed posted Year of the Black Rainbow, their fifth record and prequel to the Amory Wars storyline, up for stream on their Myspace. Currently giving it a quality listen before class with my buddy/Coheed enthusiast Tets...their first three albums are classics in my mind, but Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV: Volume II didn't fully click and I'm a little worried this will fall into the same category. Hopefully just a grower. Hit the link below to get a taste, Year of the Black Rainbow drops April 13th.

Stream: Coheed and Cambria - The Year of the Black Rainbow

Video: Circa Survive - "Get Out"

The guys in Circa must really love the high def cameras they've gotten their hands on cuz they're using them every chance they get. First video off Blue Sky Noise showcases those familiar quick cut shots and awesome live footage we've seen in their studio/tour updates...would've rather they opted for an original concept than the same old, same old, but can't complain and "Get Out" still will kick your ass twice-over. Less than two weeks 'til Blue Sky Noise. Get hyped!

Watch: Circa Survive - "Get Out"

MySpace: Circa Survive

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Video: Treme (Full Trailer)

For my money, The Wire is the best TV show of all time. Now creator David Simon returns to HBO with Treme, which'll follow a group of musicians, cooks, and Mardi Gras partiers in post-Katrina New Orleans. Some familiar faces from the Baltimore PD (Bunk and Freeman) and some bigger names (such as John Goodman and Steve Zahn) are all on board, so naturally I'm curious. An 80-minute pilot episode premieres April 11th so set your DVRs accordingly.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

B.o.B - "Don't Let Me Fall"

Missed the whole "Nothing On You" craze, so my apologies for being late on just about everything about B.o.B. Fortunately caught up in time to catch the drop of his debut record The Adventures of Bobby Ray on April 27th. Here's the opening cut off it, featuring a smooth piano/bumping bass combo, Bobby's southern drawl, and a solid melodic hook. Judging solely from the album's guest spots (Lupe Fiasco, Eminem, Hayley Williams, and Rivers Cuoumo to name a few) The Adventures of Bobby Ray should be reeeeeeally interesting.

Download: B.o.B - "Don't Let Me Fall"

MySpace: B.o.B

Manchester Orchestra - "Shake It Out" (P.O.S. remix)/ "Tony The Tiger" (Simon Illa remix)

In honor of Manchester Orchestra gracing the cover of their next issue, Alternative Press are hosting some remixes of cuts off Mean Everything To Nothing. P.O.S. gives his usual industrial to "Shake It Out", not really shaking up much besides adding some sweet effects to Andy Hull's screams. The real surprise comes from Simon Illa (???), who adds some light-hearted beeps and bloops to the already playful "Tony the Tiger". Warm weather and Mean Everything To Nothing are a perfect combo so best enter it back into your rotation.

Manchester Orchestra "Shake It Out" (P.O.S. remix) -- exclusive by altpress

Manchester Orchestra "Tony The Tiger" (Simon Illa remix) -- exclusive by altpress

MySpace: Manchester Orchestra

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Miguel Jontel - "All I Want Is You" (feat. J. Cole)

I only knew Miguel Jontel from the couple hooks he dropped on Blu's masterful Below The Heavens. Now manning his own single, Miguel delivers some smooth croons over a Roots-like (think "Break You Off") instrumental before letting J. Cole kill yet another spot. Lot to love here...keep on the lookout for both these kids to do big things in the near future.

Download: Miguel Jontel - "All I Want Is You" (feat. J. Cole)

MySpace: Miguel Jontel

Video: Wale - "World Tour" (Live at University of Michigan)

Enjoy some high quality live video of our boy Wale performing a wild show at the University of Michigan. Dude can clearly run a stage and "World Tour" is one of my sleeper favorites off Attention Deficit. Sing to 'em shawty!

Wale - University of Michigan (Live) from Pure Optics on Vimeo.

MySpace: Wale

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Hold Steady - "The Weekenders"

We've already got a taste of things to come with "Hurricane J" and "Rock Problems", but the ever generous Hold Steady decided to offer up a third track off Heaven Is Whenever. This time the band utilizes their inner U2 with a thumping bass line, chiming chords, and airy "whoa-ohs". While they ponder a bit more here, Craig Finn's tales-from-last-night lyrics are still soaked in plenty of hard liquor and harder times. Something tells me this record will be making quiet a few appearances on late nights this summer. Heaven Is Whenever comes out May thur.

MySpace: The Hold Steady

Video: The Black Keys - "Tighten Up"

More goods coming from the guys in The Black Keys. First they drop "Next Girl" on us and now we get the visuals for Brothers lead single "Tighten Up". Get familiar with Frank, the fiercest of all the Funkasaurus Rexs, as he is one of the most badass dinosaurs since the hybrid velociraptor in Jurassic Park 3. Major LOLz. Brothers drops May 18th...I wonder if there's any way Frank will sign my copy.

MySpace: The Black Keys

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Video: Local Natives - "Wide Eyes" (Live at SXSW)

Local Natives found their way out of the commotion of Austin during SXSW and into a quiet scrapyard to perform a hushed version of Gorilla Manor's opener "Wide Eyes". Harmonies and percussion in this song are near perfect. Gorilla Manor has been one of the most surprising records of the young year and sure to be one of the best come December. Get on the bandwagon now so you can tell your friends "told you so" later...shout to the bears at weworemasks for the video.

Watch: Local Natives - "Wide Eyes" (Live at SXSW)

MySpace: Local Natives

Video: Four Year Strong: Behind The Scenes: Making of Enemy of the World (Pt. II)

The second part of Four Year Strong's behind the scenes look at the making of Enemy of the World showcases not only the band's creative process, but their affinity for take out food, Tom Petty records, and pre-Twilight vampire novels. Gotta love these guys. If you haven't picked up on the H1N1-level catchiness of Enemy of the World then, as Disturbed would say, get up, c'mon get down with the sickness.

For anyone who missed Pt. 1, watch it here.

Four Year Strong - Enemy of the World - Behind The Scenes Part 2 from Four Year Strong on Vimeo.

MySpace: Four Year Strong

The Black Keys - "Next Girl"

Second track off Brothers showcases walls of fuzzy guitars and Dan Auerbach using his bluesy wail to lament his past choice in women. Literally singin' the blues. Brothers is shaping up to be one hell of a record...look for it May 18th.

Download: The Black Keys - "Next Girl"

MySpace: The Black Keys

Secret & Whisper - "Teenage Fantasy" got their paws on an exclusive new Secret & Whisper track that should keep people hungry up until Teenage Fantasy's release. Charles Furley's vocals are as sky-high as ever and the technical guitar work gives the song an intricate metal vibe. Can definitely see where the Saosin comparisons are coming from. Worth a listen. Teenage Fantasy drops April 6th.

Listen: Secret & Whisper - "Bedroom Galaxy"

MySpace: Secret & Whisper