Sunday, February 27, 2011

Video: Kanye West - "Blame Game" (Unoffical Video) made an awesome unofficial video based off "Devil in a New Dress" and now he/she has posted an interpretation of "Blame Game"--the biggest grower for me on MBDTF. Got to admit, the twist got me and I love the carpool touch. Hopefully there are more of these to come.

BLAME GAME from on Vimeo.

MySpace: Kanye West

Video: Steel Train - "Bullet"

Steel Train are always a step ahead in the creativity department. No exception here as they unveil a firecracker of a video for the lead track off Steel Train, weaving together shots of a mischievously spent youth and the band's energetic live performance.

MySpace: Steel Train

The Cool Kids - "Bundle Up"

Mountain Dew (insert pterodactyl sounds here) has the exclusive on the newest Cool Kids' single that comes off a new disc they'll be dropping in 2011. Definitely a hot one despite the title...amirite?

Download: The Cool Kids - "Bundle Up"

MySpace: The Cool Kids

Video Adele - "Someone Like You" (Live on Ellen)/"Rolling in the Deep" (Live on Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

Adele brought her show-stopping pipes 'round the late-night talk show circuit, laying down another moving take on "Someone Like You" for Ellen and a seething version of "Rolling in the Deep" for Jimmy Kimmel Live! I could listen to her sing all day long.

21 is out now and you best have it by now.

MySpace: Adele

Video: Consequence - "Man Purses"

Cons drops simple, but effective visuals for a track off Movies on Demand 2 that features an old school MC musings on the new class of hip-hop. Spoiler alert: He ain't into 'em.

MySpace: Consequence

Video: Travis Barker - "Come and Get It" (feat. The Clipse)

Seen a lot of Pusha T lately so it's nice to know Malice is still around. This is the kinda kit work I'm expecting from Travis also so win-win.

Travis Barker Ft. The Clipse - Come and Get It from DanTheMan on Vimeo.

MySpace: Travis Barker

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lupe Fiasco - "All Black Everything"

Lupe plans on releasing a new track every week up until Lasers release on Mar. 8. This first one follows in the political vein of "Words I Never Said"...taking on the past this time instead of the present.

Download: Lupe Fiasco - "All Black Everything"

MySpace: Lupe Fiasco

Video: Local Natives - NPR's Tiny Desk Concert

NPR called in Local Natives for another edition of their Tiny Desk Concert series. Set includes "Wide Eyes", "Cards and Quarters", " and "Airplanes"--which I just learned is about Kelcey Ayer's pilot grandfather.

Watch: Local Natives - NPR's Tiny Desk Concert

MySpace: Local Natives

Atmosphere - "Just For Show"

Now this is the Atmos-to-the-sphere I can get down with. Slug and Ant get their dutty rock on within a reggae-tinged cut that has the live-band sound air tight. Dash in the familiar bending notes--a la "Painting"--and Sean's pessimistic bars and we got ourselves a classic.

The Family Sign is out Apr. 15.

Download: Atmosphere - "Just For Show"

MySpace: Atmosphere

Video: Adele - "Rolling in the Deep" (Live on Letterman)

Reasons why Adele is the ish: Exhibit A. This is Exhibit B.

21 is out now. Gone getcha some.

MySpace: Adele

Video: Pusha T - In Studio w/ Bangladesh

Both Pusha and Bang sound faded as hell in this snippet but I follow. Not to mention the beats sound bonkers (Doors sample?!?)...can't wait to hear the bluesy feeling they got cooking up
Fear of God is gonna be tiiiiight.

MySpace: Pusha T

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stream: Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes

About to go check this out, but for optimal enjoyment, follow my two-step system.

1) Look at this picture
2) Enjoy your listening experience

Simple as that....

Stream: Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes

MySpace: Lykke Li

Monday, February 21, 2011

Video: Radiohead - "Lotus Flower"

Radiohead surprised us all by dropping another new LP--entitled The King of Limbs--without any prior warning. Fans of In Rainbows will be all in again for this's exciting news. So exciting, in fact, it's got a Charlie Chaplin-looking Thom Yorke dancing in the video for the lead single "Lotus Flower".

The King of Limbs is out now, you can purchase it here.

MySpace: Radiohead

Travis Barker - "Joaquin Phoenix" (feat. Lupe Fiasco)

Considering this is a Travis Barker jaunt, I don't know about the drumming on it. That being said, Lu and that fuzzy bass line do what it do.

Download: Travis Barker - "Joaquin Phoenix" (feat. Lupe Fiasco)

MySpace: Travis Barker

Wavves - "TV Luv Song"/"Horse Shoes"

Nathan Williams is piling up the b-sides. Fingers crossed we'll see them thrown together in the near future. These two were dropped in the last week...The first being a snobby ode to idle time, the latter a breezy ditty--think King of the Beach--that descends into carnival-ready freakishness with some slamming kit work from Zach Hill.

Download: Wavves - "TV Luv Song" / "Horse Shoes"

MySpace: Wavves

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Video: Kanye West - "All of the Lights" (feat. Rihanna and Kid Cudi)

Fitting this gets dropped whilst the song is getting whored at NBA All Star Weekend. Lots of epilepsy enducing flashes, gaudy kareoke print, Rihanna's dress re-defining "I want you to see everything", and Yeezy up on cop cars MJ-style (even though Cudi's got the jacket for it).


MySpace: Kanye West

Lykke Li - "Love Out of Lust"

Lykke Li airs on the more atmospheric side of things with "Love Out of Lust". Kudos if you're actually reading this considering the picture that's above.

Stream: Lykke Li - "Love Out of Lust"

MySpace: Lykke Li

Video: Bright Eyes - "Shell Games"

Bright Eyes beefed up the 80s-value of "Shell Games" by adding some cross dissolves and retero lighting in with the cheesy synth line. Enough of a cosmic trip to fit in with the record, while still emphasizing the unrealized rocking potential of the track. I'll give it a thumb or two up.

Bright Eyes - Shell Games from Saddle Creek on Vimeo.

MySpace: Bright Eyes

Blu - "Amnesia (Remind)"

John Barnes drops the brief title-track off his currently available Amnesia EP. Even when it's a quick in-and-out, dude is thought-provoking.

Download: Blu - "Amnesia (Remind)"

MySpace: Blu

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Video: Adele - "Someone Like You" (Live at The Brit Awards)

Try and watch this and not get goosebumps. Powerful, beautiful, pained...there are tens of thousands of people in that arena and Adele's got every single one of them wrapped around her finger.

If this performance isn't enough to convince you 21 is the ish, you're hopelessly lost.

MySpace: Adele

Video: Cee Lo Green - "Bodies"

Cee Lo, fresh off his feathered performance at the Grammys, drops his second video off The Ladykiller: a oddball, stop-motion take on a crime noir film....monkeys, dogs, parrots, and sharks included.

MySpace: Cee Lo Green

Video: The Black Keys - "Howlin' For You"

This is one of the best things I've ever seen.

Instead of crafting a typical music video (see: puppet wolf running through Times Square) for "Howling For You", The Black Keys shoot a trailer for a Kill Bill-meets-Grindhouse B-movie about an assassin who falls in love with the man who killed her father. Stars include Sean Patrick Flanery (aka one of the brothers from Boondock Saints), Todd Bridges, Shaun White.

Oh yeah, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney make an appearence themselves, complete with a drum and guitar that can be transformed into weapons.

Lets hope this actually gets made in the near future.

Watch: The Black Keys - "Howlin' For You"

MySpace: The Black Keys

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Video: J. Cole - "In the Morning" (feat. Drake)

J. Cole drops off a new video for all the lovebird hungover from Valentine's Day. Good mix of storyline and tour shots. I still expected more from the Drizzy side of things, but what can ya do...

In The Morning Official Video - J. Cole Feat. Drake from Jermaine Cole on Vimeo.

MySpace: J. Cole

The Strokes - "Under Cover of Darkenss"

I'm really, really late on this, but it's really, really classic Strokes. Angles drops Mar. 18.

Download: The Strokes - "Under Cover of Darkness"

MySpace: The Strokes

Monday, February 14, 2011

Video: Arcade Fire - "Ready to Start" (Live from the 53rd Grammy Awards)

Let's get some things straight:

1) No matter how much an upset it seemed, The Suburbs was the best album of those nominated and full well deserved the award.
2) I've largely dismissed the Grammys as a political popularity contest, but their clutchness here makes me bite my tongue a bit.
3) This is an amazing song.

Congrats Arcade Fire. NOW I'M DONE.

MySpace: Arcade Fire

Pusha T - "My God"

Pusha got his name all over the G.O.O.D. Music scene, but will finally release his debut from the label with his upcoming Fear of God mixtape. Here's the first single with one of the dopest beats I've heard this side of "Devil in a New Dress". Egg-cited.

Download: Pusha T - "My God"

MySpace: Pusha T

Adele - Tiny Desk Concert for NPR

If my maniacal rantings over Adele's new LP doesn't have you convinced, stop by NPR to catch her performing "Someone Like You,” “Chasing Pavements” and “Rolling in the Deep.” Should do the trick.

21 is out Feb. 22.

Watch: Adele - Tiny Desk Concert for NPR

MySpace: Adele

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Video: Raphael Saadiq - "Good Man"

Chad Coleman aka Dennis "Cutty" Wise from The Wire aka Z from Always Sunny in Philadelphia stars in Raphael Saadiq's newest video which recounts the story of a "Good Man" and a bad girl.

MySpace: Raphael Saadiq

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Video: Local Natives - "Who Knows, Who Cares" (Take Away Show)

First Tokyo Police Club play in the back of a U-Haul truck. Now Local Natives belt out "Who Knows, Who Cares" whilst walking through the streets of Paris. Guess I need to walk aimlessly around city streets more often and I'll find my favorite bands playing impromptu sets.

But seriously: This is incredible. Such a genius set-up, slick visuals/sound and, most importantly, the energy/nature of the song is perfectly captured.

weworemasks dared us to only watch this once and I don't think I'll take them up on it...

Local Natives | Who Knows Who Cares | A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

MySpace: Local Natives

Big Sean - "My Last" (feat. Chris Brown)

Big Sean has been kickin' around just under the radar for awhile, but this one might actually give him household-status. Sean sticks to his bread-and-butter, while letting C-Breezy handle a smooth-as-hell hook doesn't hurt anything.

"I do it" might finally turn into "I did it".

Download: Big Sean - "My Last" (feat. Chris Brown)

MySpace: Big Sean

Stream: Augustana - "Steal Your Heart"

Augustana dropped off the bombastic lead single off their upcoming self-titled LP that sounds more like Sam's Town-era Killers than their previous piano-laced, soft rock. Not sure what to think, but considering the ringing endorsement from Absolutepunk CEO Jason Tate, it's worth keeping an eye--and ear--out for.

Augustana is out April 26.

Stream: Augustana - "Steal Your Heart"

MySpace: Augustana

Video: Wale - "The Break Up Song"

Wale re-writes 500 Days of Summer for his own purposes. Gotta admit I'm missing Zooey Deschanel in this version, but the concept is witty as hell. Not to mention it reminded me how dope this track is.

MySpace: Wale

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stream: Adele - 21

Blown. Away.

The 22-year-old British songbird unleashes a masterful collection of heartbroken tales told with everything from a bluesy grit ("Rolling in the Deep", "If It Hadn't Been For Love") to gorgeous balladry ("Turning Tables", "Don't You Remember") to roots-tinged folk meandering ("Hiding My Heart"). Of course she throws in a heaping helping of her trademarked old soul cuts ("He Won't Go", One and Only".) But right when you settle in, Adele hits you with a thoroughly pained cover of The Cure's "Lovesong".

Adele hits every base on this and does it all with such a substantial set of pipes that I'm pretty sure she can sing any song and make it sound better.

So to sum it all up: Must have? Yup. Album of 2011? Just maybe...

Stream: Adele - 21

Mixtape: 88-Keys - Beats No More

88-Keys was apparently cleaning out his hard drive when he stumbled upon some leftover beats, which he subsequently packaged into a neat little mixtape that's suppose to evoke the "cold, slushy, wet, dreary, overcast days" of Gotham in the winter. Not sure if I'm necessarily getting that vibe, but any instrumentals from Keys is a win in my book.

Mixtape: 88-Keys - Beats No More

MySpace: 88-Keys

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Video: Tokyo Police Club - BuzzSessions NYC

Tokyo Police Club commandeered the back of a U-Haul truck to perform an impromptu three-song set. Wild Honey Pie were there to catch the action which included Dave Monk's birthday, tambourine throwing, and catchy pop tunes.

Champ has ruled my life so I'd say it's about time you do the same.

The Wild Honey Pie Presents: Tokyo Police Club Buzzsessions NY from The Wild Honey Pie on Vimeo.

MySpace: Tokyo Police Club

Lupe Fiasco - "Words I Never Said" (feat. Skylar Grey)

Kinda of an ironic title considering Lupe doesn't pull any punches. Beat is ferocious and Lu matches it with some real talk--especially on that last verse. If you thought LASERS sounded pretty sugary so far, it just got flipped the fuck on it's head.

MySpace: Lupe Fiasco

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mansions - "Close That Door/"Blackest Sky"

Chris Browder leaks two songs from his forthcoming LP. Loved New Best Friends, didn't understand The Cosmic Drama, bu from the sounds of Dig Up the Dead so far, it should be a return to killer form.

Dig Up The Dead is out April 5th and catch Mansions on tour with ex-Honorary Title frontman Jarrod Gorbel in February.

Download: Mansions - "Blackest Sky"

MySpace: Mansions

Atmosphere - "Minnesota Nice" (feat. Prof Felipe Cuauhtli & Gene Poole)

Atmosphere announced their Minnesota Nice Tour with a song of the same name. This beat sounds about as far from the frigid cold of Minnesota as possible--I'm getting a strong South Central/Dr. Dre vibe--but it's clean as hell. Two newcomers do their thing, but Slug will always be the godfather.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Minnesota Nice Tour coming to a venue near you.

Download: Atmosphere - "Minnesota Nice" (feat. Prof Felipe Cuauhtli & Gene Poole)

MySpace: Atmosphere