Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big Sean - "Way Out" (feat. Mr. Hudson)

Finally get a song from Finally Famous (see what i did there?) and I got mixed feelings. Beat's dope, no doubt Ye's production is always on point, and Mr. Hudson destroys the hook, but Big Sean's hit or miss with some cheesy rhymes that are way out of character for him. Still believe in Finally Famous and I can guarantee you see this track showing in that new little "What I Am Listening To" box up to the right.

Download: Big Sean - "Way Out" (feat. Mr. Hudson)

MySpace: Big Sean

Video: Person L - "Goodness Gracious"

This is basically 101 on how to make a great low budget video. Love the track too, every riff in it fucking rip. Pick up their excellent debut The Positives and if you ever get a chance to see Person L live, just go. Oh, and anyone else thinking Kenny Vasoli could do some damage in an Alexander Ovechkin look-a-like contest? I'd put money on him.

Goodness Gracious

Person L | MySpace Music Videos

MySpace: Person L

Mateo - "Empire State of Mind"

Posted Mateo's version of T.I./Rihanna's "Live Your Life" a way back. Now we get a stripped down acoustic reworking of Jay-Z/Alicia Key's "Empire State of Mind". Originally took Mateo as more of an hip-hop/R&B type dude, but this song definitely has some crossover appeal and kid can sing. Keep your eyes on him.

Download: Mateo - "Empire State of Mind"

MySpace: Mateo

Raheem DeVaughn - "The Greatness" (feat. Wale)

Really gave this a listen for Mr. Folarin's spot, but Raheem DeVaughn also brings it with some serious vocal chops. Traditional R&B at it's finest. As always, Wale adds something to the smooth as hell beat. Worth taking a peek at The Love & War Masterpiece when it drops March 2nd. DMV in the house.

Download: Raheem DeVaughn - "The Greatness" (feat. Wale)

MySpace: Raheem DeVaughn

Kid Cudi - "Know Why"

Another unreleased Cudder joint, not quite sure from when. Laid back beat courtesy of Dot Da Genius for Cudi to go in on and spit his classic stoner psalms about dreamin' and blazin'. Kid's undeniable, loving everything he puts out nowadays.

Download: Kid Cudi - "Know Why"

MySpace: Kid Cudi

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gorillaz - "Superfast Jellyfish" (feat. De La Soul)

Another new Gorillaz track off Plastic Beach, which drops next week. De La Soul make an appearance to bring these jellyfish alive over a groovy bass line and an island-ready hook. Already knowing Plastic Beach is gonna be undeniably dope.

Also, be sure to grab the album mix/sampler the Gorillaz put up for download featuring clips from the new record.

Listen: Gorillaz - "Super Fast Jellyfish" (feat. De La Soul)

MySpace: Gorillaz

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - "Good Enough"

A couple of days ago Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers announced they'd be releasing a new record entitled Mojo sometime in Spring 2010, their first studio album since 2002's The Last DJ. Here's the first new cut we get off it and, I gotta admit as a hugeeee Petty fan, they sound great. The song's an ominous bluesy stomp fitted perfectly for Petty's southern twang and Mike Campbell's loopy solos. Can't imagine Mojo will be anything less than classic.

Listen: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - "Good Enough"

MySpace: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Video: Charles Hamilton - "Charles Discharged"

This was hilarious...great to see Charles' charisma is back and he's ready to put the misfortunes of the past year behind him with a sense of humor and a few jabs here and there (lookin' at you Interscope). Listen to Chuck and give The Normalcy Project another quality listen.

Charles Discharged from jeff on Vimeo.

MySpace: Charles Hamilton

Review: Butch Walker - I Liked You Better When You Had No Heart

Butch Walker's fingerprints are all over a ranging collection of music. From power-pop (Marvelous 3)to glam rock (2006's The Rise and Fall of Butch Walker and The Lets-Go-Out-Tonights!) to earnest acoustic numbers (2004's Letters), the LA-via-Atlanta singer/producer has taken time to explore every corner of the musical world. With his fifth studio release, I Liked You Better When You Had No Heart, Butch takes on alt-country genre and comes away with the best record of his career.

Songs like the easy-cruising opener "Trash Day" and hand-clapping stand out "She Likes Hair Bands" pick up where Butch left off with 2008's Sycamore Meadows, evoking Tom Petty at the height of his success. Meanwhile, the hauntingly somber vocal work in "Don't You Think That Someone Should Take You Home" and "Canadian Ten" taps into a vulnerability that is eerily reminiscent of alt-country deity Ryan Adams.

Lyrically, the themes throughout the album are well-balanced. Many tracks plead out to former loves ("They Don't Know What We Know", "Pretty Melody") and take sobering looks at past mistakes ("Canadian Ten" and "Stripped Down Version"). Yet these are tempered by the rousing "woah-ohs" in the galloping "Temporary Title" and drunken debauchery recounted in "Days/Months/Years". "Be Good Until Then" closes the album optimistically as Butch waxes poetic about the many life lessons he's learned over naked acoustic guitar strums.

While Butch's new backing band The Black Widows stretch themselves thin over a wide array of instruments used on the record, they always come together to make a truly unified sound. Still, Butch himself remains the star,as he adds heaps of strength and character to his voice that makes the record immediately grasping. A lot of credit also has to go to The Film's Michael Trent, who co-wrote most of the albums songs.

Despite his past forays into other genres and his work as a producer with an eclectic group of artists ranging from Fall Out Boy to Gnarls Barkley to Weezer, Butch may have finally found a niche most conducive to his sound. Although you can rarely count on Butch to keep one sound for too long, I Liked You Better When You Had No Heart displays the sound of a man who has traversed much of the music scene and finally returned home with wise words and even better music.

Grade: A-

"Trash Day" (download)

Buy: Butch Walker - I Liked You Better When You Had No Heart

MySpace: Butch Walker

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rhymefest and Skyzoo - "Crack The Code"

DJ RTC and DJ Ruby Hornet dropped the second track off their Closed Sessions Vol. 1 project, this time giving spots to Skyzoo and Rhymefest. All ya'll know I've been a big fan of the young BK MC and Rhymefest always manages an entertaining spot, making sure people know Chi is in the house. Still, the beat (courtesy K-Salaam and Beatnik) walks away shining the most with "Hollaback" Fabolous-era cymbal crashes and a sick distorted riff winding through the rest. Don't forget to check out Closed Sessions Vol. 1 when it drops digitally March 2nd.

Download: Rhymefest and Skyzoo - "Crack The Code"

Video: Circa Survive - Making of Blue Sky Noise album artwork time lapse

Circa always kills it when it comes to abstract artwork thanks to Esao Andrews. Dude delivers again with the cover of Blue Sky Noise. Now you get to see how the magic is made in DeLorean hyper speed set to new single "Get Out"...where were going we won't neeeeed roads.

MySpace: Circa Survive

Website: Esao Andrews

Introducing: Gayngs

The newest indie super group Gayngs was originally birthed from Wisconsin-based producer Ryan Olson's idea to create a "smooth rock" record made by people who loves "adult contemporary radio and cheesy-ass pop". Enlisting artists/friends from all over Wisconsin and Minnesota, Olson compiled over 25 artists including Bon Iver's Justin Vernon and Doomtree's P.O.S. and Dessa. Although no samples have leaked yet, there's a lot of good ideas behind this project...Olson plans on emphasizing the album's smooth R&B sound by layering instruments for maximum blending and maintaining the same BPMs in every track. Gayngs' debut Relayted drops May 11th...definitely something to look out for.

Read: "Bon Iver, Megafaun, P.O.S, Solid Gold prepare to debut supergroup recording project, Gayngs"

Video: Kanye West - "Coldest Winter"

There have been some strange videos coming off 808s & Heartbreak, but this one might take the cake. Concept comes off looking like a cross between Lord of the Rings, Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow, and the Harry Potter movies. Weird shit. Can't say I mind seeing that girl run around all day, though...

KANYE WEST "Coldest Winter" Directed by: NABIL "ITUNES link below" from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Download: Kanye West - "Coldest Winter"

MySpace: Kanye West

Monday, February 22, 2010

Snoop Dogg - "That Tree" (feat. Kid Cudi)

Snoop and Cudi spitting a couple bars about one of their shared interests on this new cut which'll be featured on Snoop's Malice In Wonderland re-release. It's a shame that Snoop Dogg has degressed into "average" MC territory. Thankfully the duo of Kid Cudi and Diplo on the boards save it, going in hard on the hook. How many mind-grabbing choruses can Cudi keep penning? Either way, wouldn't mind seeing those two collaborate more in the future...just sayyyyin'

MySpace: Snoop Dogg

Portugal. The Man. - "The Dead Dog"

Portugal. The Man. posted a free download of the lead single off forthcoming American Ghetto. This one still rocks woozy psychedelic riffs and dreamy vocals, but end up on the rawer side of things for a change. More important than the band's incredible prolific nature (averaging 1.5 studio albums a year) is that fact that all their music is top quality. Be sure to read the story behind the composition of "The Dead Dog" and check out the 30-second sound clips from the new album. American Ghetto hits stores March 2nd...they're just the gift that keeps on giving.

Download: Portugal. The Man. - "The Dead Dog"

MySpace: Portugal. The Man.

Album Spotlight: Saves The Day - Through Being Cool (1999)

Many consider this record a classic for any kid growing up in the 1990s. Personally, I always saw 2001 follow-up Stay What You Are as the band's best work. Not taking anything away from Through Being Cool: "Shoulder To The Wheel", "Through Being Cool", and "Holly Hox, Forget Me Now" have long been late-night drunken sing-a-long material for my friends and I. And I've continuously pegged "Rock Tonic Juice Magic" as the best Saves the Day song (how can you not with a line like: "I would buy you lemonade right now. if you were here/I'd throw it in your face/ and listen to you cry.")

But in re-visitation, I've realized the quality in the record as a whole. The record, in general, proves to be the badass big brother to sensitive little bro record (Stay What You Are). The chugging chords and technical drumming found in cuts like "You Vandal", "The Vast Spoils of America" and ripping opener "All-Star Me" bring more of a hardcore background, punching you in the mouth where SWYA shied away. Vocally, Chris Conley's opts for a nasally bark that possesses much more body and power than the signature whine he has since developed. Even lyrically, where SWYA is philisophical and introspective TBC is vengeful, in-you-face, and optimistic.

I'm now pretty stoked that a lot my friends up and down the East Coast got to see Saves The Day tour stops all this past week even though I couldn't...just searching through their back catalog on my own I uncovered what will undoubtly be one of my most listened to albums in the future. Just check my Last FM currently...

As always hit the comments with any thoughts and check out Through Being Cool if you have the means.

Buy: Saves The Day - Through Being Cool

MySpace: Saves The Day

Video: Mayer Hawthorne - "Maybe So, Maybe No"

Mayer Hawthorne has been getting a lot of love from well respected sources including 'Ye, John Mayer , and the weworemasks bears. Finally checked him out via his new video for "Maybe So, Maybe No" and I'm sold. Solid sunny soul music and the song's visuals emphasize the dreamy/hedonist side of it thanks to some Cali sets. Just nagged Mayer's 2009 debut A Strange Agreement, suggest you do the same.

Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe So, Maybe No from Stones Throw on Vimeo.

Download: Mayer Hawthorne - "Maybe So, Maybe No"

MySpace: Mayer Hawthorne

Video: Wale - "Pretty Girls" (Live on The Jimmy Kimmel Show)

Wale kills it again, this time on Jimmy Kimmel. The backing band = dope, as usual, and you know Mr. Folarin is always brimming with energy and love for DMV. While I'm not so sure about that backpack choice, I'm liking how he always seems to pair the cut with some physical evidence (see the front row here)...think he can ride this track out awhilllllle.

MySpace: Wale

Video: Emarosa - "Set It Off Like Napalm"

Little late to be putting a video out off Relativity, considering it dropped over 2 years ago. Nothing really special in the visuals either, just lots of thrashing and blinking lights...not a surprise it was directed by DJ Cosgrove. So why the hell am I posting this? Just can't get enough of Leprachaun look-a-like Jonny Craig's pipes...dude's reppin' for oppressed gingers everywhere. Look out for a new album from Emarosa sometime this year.

Emarosa - Set It Off Like Napalm from nwayy on Vimeo.

MySpace: Emarosa

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Video: Vampire Weekend - "Giving Up The Gun"

Had a busy weekend so fell behind on posting. Wanted to get at least one thing up for ya'll this weekend. Thankfully Vampire Weekend's second video off Contra is worth mentioning. Pretty high class shit as the guys host a star-studded tennis tourney featuring the likes of Joe Jonas and Jake Gyllenhall. Can't forget RZA manning the lines and Lil' Jon looking the closest to preppy since The Chappelle Show sketches neither. Of course diggin' the "cheeky" tune...gotta say Contra is probably one of, if not the, best albums of 2010 so far.

MySpace: Vampire Weekend

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Album Spotlight: City and Colour - Bring Me Your Love

They say music can serve as a vehicle to channel certain emotions through. This record is a perfect example of that. Trapping his thoughts on death, loneliness, and love Dallas Green (Alexisonfire) carefully mats them down over simplistic instrumentation to create truly stunning tunes. You can feel the whiskey drenched all over Wild West-ballad "The Death of Me", an alcoholic's ode, and the vulnerable love pleas turn into exaltation in the tempo-shifting "The Girl". Meanwhile soft strums ("Confessions", "What Makes A Man"), smokey harmonicas ("Body In A Box", "Against The Grain"), and minimalistic percussion ("Sleeping Sickness", "Waiting...") set a perfect background for Dallas' exceptional vocals. Can't really go wrong anywhere in that...makes for why this is one of the more substantive singer-songwriter record's I've heard in awhile. So, spring isn't that far away, but while winter's chill is still in the air, I recommend throwing this on by a fire and giving it a good listen.

Buy: City and Colour - Bring Me Your Love

MySpace: City and Colour

Steel Train - "Turnpike Ghost"

Listened to 2007's Trampoline every now and again after a friend described them to me as campfire sing-a-long material. Never really clicked with me, but gotta admit this new jam definitely is. The verse's spiking riffs and rolling drums feed perfectly into a blasting chorus full of Modest Mouse-esque screechy wails. You can almost get a Queen-go-indie pop vibe from it. Either way, it's dope so go grab it.

Download: Steel Train - "Turnpike Ghost"

MySpace: Steel Train

Video: Passion Pit - "Little Secret" (Official Video)

I thought Passion Pit already released a video for "Little Secrets" awhile back? Guess now that the song's blowing up, they felt it needed an HD touch up. Anyways, Here's the official one, featuring lots of confetti and B-boys with paper bag heads. While the song's starting to get overplayed for me, I can't help but...HIGHER AND HIGHER AND HIGHER

Watch: Passion Pit - "Little Secret"

MySpace: Passion Pit

Video: RJD2 - "The Glow"

RJD2 drops another video off The Colossus. RJD2 steps up to the mic on this one and croons facetiously about fake tans and gold bracelets over a spaced-out drum beat. The Ken Doll video concept's great too, seems like RJD2 has an affinity for placing inhuman things in real-life situations (see: "Let There Be Horns"). I feel a reality show coming on...either way somehow forgot The Colossus dropped last month (!?!) so getting on that righhhhht now. You should too.

MySpace: RJD2

Video: Fireworks - "Detroit"

Reeeeeeeally late on this one, but thanks to great recs by readers/fellow bloggers CJ and Kevin, I'm officially on the Fireworks bandwagon. These guys dish out great feel-good pop-punk tinged with enough hardcore sentiments (breakdowns/reppin' your hometown/etc...) to bring back great memories of old school New Found Glory. You can even hear a hint of Jordan Pundik's nasally whine in David Mackinder's vocals. Check below for the visuals to lead single "Detroit"'s a good barometer for the record, so if you dig it, pick up All I Have To My Offer Is My Own Confusion ASAP.

MySpace: Fireworks

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stream: Butch Walker and the Black Widows - I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart

How many bands does this guy have? Doesn't really matter I suppose based on the consistent high-quality of his music. No exception here, as Butch puts down his acoustic guitar and sets aside glam riffs for tumbling piano lines and bluesy solos. Definitely getting a Ryan Adams vibe from the alt-country nature of the record...hit the link below to give it a listen in it's entirety and don't forget to buy a copy of I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart on Feb. 23.

Stream: Butch Walker and The Black Widows - I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart

MySpace: Butch Walker

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Circa Survive - "Get Out"

Lets get this straight. In the past few days Circa Survive has: announced tour dates with Coheed, revealed their new album's name and release date, and posted a new song entitled "Get Out" over on their website. My body's currently shutting down from awesome overload. Already crazy about the new song, too...holds a heavier tone than usual without abandoning their past atmospheric qualities. Anthony sounds as good as ever, showing off some versatility by stretching his range from piercing high notes to ripping screams. This absolutely made my night. So here it is: Blue Sky Noise coming to ears near you April 20th. It's a celebration, bitches!

For all you fanboys like me, here's a pre-order package too that gets you a free MP3 of "Get Out". Hell yeeeeah.

Get Out by circasurvive

MySpace: Circa Survive

Video: Four Year Strong - "What The Hell Is A Gigawatt?" (Live)

Hit you with another new Four Year Strong track called "What The Hell Is A Gigawatt", something they are apparently playing at recent tour stops. Got a good feelin' the new record is gonna be nice and heavy. Enemy of the World drops March 9th.

Also hit this link and scroll down to a bunch of other videos taken at the same show...

MySpace: Four Year Strong

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Driver F - "You're A Legend, Sir"

Nothing like waking up to a new Driver F tune on Sunday morning. This ones a bit more synth-heavy than usual, but as the pace picks up the passionate vocals we've come to love from them shine through. Apparently a nationwide tour/album combo will be dropping sometime this Spring so keep ya'll's eyes peeled

Listen: Driver F - "You're A Legend, Sir"

Friday, February 12, 2010

Video: Kidz In The Hall - "Jukebox"

MTV's got the looks on the first video off Kidz In The Hall's Land of Make Believe. Posted this track when it dropped and I'm digging the disco spiked beat Double O threw down just as hard as ever. Agree with Grizzly over on weworemasks that "Flickin" is a much better track, but "Jukebox" has a radio-ready vibe. Either way, fun video. I'm off to find that street Naledge was walking on...Land of Make Believe hits May 9th.

MySpace: Kidz In The Hall

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Video: David Guetta - "Memories" (feat. Kid Cudi)

Cudi slipped into another video this week. After making an appearance in Dan Black's "Symphonies" shoot, Cudder brings his fun-loving self into the visuals for David Guetta's newest single. Tunes dope too..throw in on the list with "Sexy Bitch" for fist-pumping club bangers dude churns out. Memories - David Guetta Feat. Kid Cudi from DP on Vimeo.

Download: David Guetta - "Memories" (feat. Kid Cudi)

MySpace: David Guetta

Envy on the Coast - "Numb"

Wowwww pleasant surprise here. I was one of the few people who saw a lot of potential in Lucy Gray, and judging by the small collection of new material they've posted recently, it seems like these guys have finally hit their stride. The good, but raw ideas you could hear in their past stuff now feels fully fleshed out with deliberate control. Lowcountry just jumped wayyyyy up in my most anticipated albums for this year. Go give this a listen and grab Lowcountry on March 30th.

Listen: Envy on the Coast - "Numb"

Major Lazer - "Sound of Siren" (feat. Busy Signal and M.I.A.)

First they give "Halo" a dancehall makeover. Now they have Busy Signal and M.I.A. going in over a deep pulsing beat. Always good to see Diplo and Switch staying busy. Major Lazer will be droppin' a new EP in April, just in time for the sunny, warm weather. All that sounds good to me...

Download: Major Lazer - "Sound of Siren" (feat. Busy Signal and M.I.A.)

MySpace: Major Lazer

Lupe Fiasco - "What U Want"

Another cut from Lasers leaked last night...lands in the middle ground for his newer tracks between the stellar "Shining Down" and the so-so "I'm Beaming." The flowing synths and spacey indie vocals in the hook give the song and unique feel and I can see it growing on everyone verrrrry quickly. Anyways, head over to Kanye's blog to still catch a stream of this before it's too late...

Listen: Lupe Fiasco - "What U Want"

MySpace: Lupe Fiasco

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Video: Eye Alaska - "Walk Like A Gentleman"

Judging by the slickness of this video, these dudes are ready to start blowing up whenever. While not my favorite cut off Genesis Underground (gotta go with "Rocky Road"), still a sick song and the record jussssst missed the cut for my top 30 albums of 2009. Completely sold on Brandon Wronski's voice, don't know if I can say the same for those glasses or that haircut, though...hit below to see the goods.

Eye Alaska - Walk Like A Gentleman

Eye Alaska (NEW Music Video: Walk Like A Gentleman | MySpace Music Videos

Download: Eye Alaska - "Walk Like A Gentleman"

MySpace: Eye Alaska

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Video: Dan Black - "Symphonies" (feat. Kid Cudi)

Here's a good introduction to British electronica mastermind Dan Black. Just seems like the type of cat we'll hear a lot more from in the future. Either way, this is one of the best videos of the young year...loving all the movie references. Plus, always down for a sick Cudi spot. Dan Black Feat. Kid Cudi - Symphonies Remix from DP on Vimeo.

Download: Dan Black - "Symphonies" (feat. Kid Cudi)

MySpace: Dan Black

Four Year Strong - "Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)" got the exclusive dig on another new Four Year Strong track. Loving the energy...the heaviness surprised me, not to mention I have a huge weak spot for gang vocals. So far the drops off Enemy of the World have been excellent...there's been talk that FYS might be the band to fill the void left by semi-broken Fall Out Boy. Either way pick up Enemy of the World on Mar. 9th and drop any suggestions for the official gang vocal playlist in the comments.

Listen: Four Year Strong - "Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)"

Buy: Four Year Strong - "Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)"

MySpace: Four Year Strong

Video: Wale - "Pretty Girls"

Glad this finally got video treatment. Just what you'd expect: lots of aforementioned pretty girls, partying, and appearances by the likes of DJ Khaled, Redskins RB Clinton Portis, and the kid who played Michael in The Wire. It was a little weird how they had to shoot the Gucci verse considering he's upstate, but dope that Weensy came through to grab the hook. Track's my favorite song off Attention everything about this song, especially those huuuuuge drums. Keep pushin' Wale!

Watch: Wale - "Pretty Girls" (feat. Weensy of The Backyard Band)

MySpace: Wale

Coheed and Cambria - "The Broken"

Coheed pleased there ever eager masses, myself included, by releasing the lead single off their upcoming Year of the Black Rainbow at midnight last night/this morning (?). Anyways, cut's got more atmospheric guitar noodling than standard for a Coheed track, but enough chugging riffage and pounding drumming, courtesy of new drummer Chris Penne, to please. Vocally, Claudio sounds more clean and powerful than ever before. If this is any indication of what Year of the Black Rainbow holds for all us in the Co&Ca faithful, it should be epiccccc.

For all you observant kids, their official website has a similar countdown for midnight next Tuesday as well. Fingers crossed they'll keep droppin' new joints.

Listen: Coheed and Cambria - "The Broken"

MySpace: Coheed and Cambria

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Audition - "You Ruined This"

The Audition posted the lead single of their upcoming record over on their Myspace. Gotta admit Self-Titled was a huuuuuge guilty pleasure for me. Loved the pop sensibilities and Danny Stevens pipes can go off the charts given the right melodies. All of that applies here with some vocal acrobatics, a great hook, and the dance undertones found on their more recent records. Will definitely be picking up The Great Danger, droppin' Mar. 16th.

Listen: The Audition - "You Ruined This"

Recover - "No Big Deal" (demo)

Always enjoyed Recover, even gave Dan Keyes' Young Love project a couple spins here and there, so figured a new song from them would be worth posting. The shitty production takes a lot a way from the track, but you can still hear the song's potential and it even starts to hit it's stride near the halfway mark. Look forward to hearing a finished product soon. Anyone else wanna blare "Fuck Me For Free" in the meanwhile with me?

Listen: Recover - "No Big Deal" (demo)

Vampire Weekend - "Ruby Soho" (Rancid cover)

Major WTF moment. Still, they do the classic Rancid justice by floating Ezra Koenig's boyish vocals all over the track and fully utilizing Rostam Batmanglij's atmospheric finger picking. Wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm digging how this track translates when mellowed out. Grab it for yourself below.

Download: Vampire Weekend - "Ruby Soho" (Rancid cover)

MySpace: Vampire Weekend

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Consequence - "Sounds G.O.O.D. 2 Me"

Damn, I starting to hate how long the list of MCs I've slept on it's getting. Throw Consequence on there as this new cut from him is one of the smoothest things I've heard in awhile. Excellent beat, Cons destroys the mic, and the vinyl scratching outro is fresh as hell. Ye's going for the trinity: already dominates as an artist and producer, might have to throw A&R in the hat judging by the talent on his G.O.O.D. label's roster. Look for this on Consquence's next mixtape Movies on Demand, coming soon to a blog near you.

Download: Consequence - "Sound G.O.O.D. 2 Me"

MySpace: Consequence

Kevin Devine - "Just Stay"/ "Trouble"

Got in a K Dev mood all week, don't know what else I can say about this dude's legit status. We all know he can do his thing when it's just him and his guitar, but his when he breaks out into a full jam with the God Damn Band, it's just as excellent. Two examples off 2006's Put Your Ghost to Rest here: check the slow-building crunch of "Just Stay" and the bouncy, jangle of "Trouble". And you know the lyrics are there too...hard to top "Time To Burn (Another Bag of Bones)" in that department, but these two come close. Spread it 'round everyone.

Download: Kevin Devine - "Just Stay"

Download: Kevin Devine - "Trouble"

MySpace: Kevin Devine

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jonsi - "Go Do"

Apparently Jonsi will release a 3-song Go Do EP before dropping his debut full-length Go on April 5th. Here's the title-track off that, full of ethereal and pastoral goodness. I'm loving how all his tracks have this vibrant that's so anthematic and uplifting. Keep 'em coming.

Listen: Jonsi - "Go Do"

MySpace: Jonsi

Crime In Stereo - "Not Dead"

Crime In Stereo dropped a second track off their upcoming I Was Trying To Describe You To Somebody. I actually remember them playing this when they opened the Brand New/Glassjaw show at House of Blues Boston. I always expect the intro to come in heavy sooner, but the restraint makes the chorus worth the wait. Throw in a good round of "Hey!"s for sing-a-long purposes...good shit. Everyone better pick up I Was Trying To Describe You To Somebody on Feb. 23.

Listen: Crime In Stereo - "Not Dead"

Kid Cudi - "Highs N Lows"

Cudi dusted off an unreleased track from a batch of early demos and dressed it up with some better production (shouts to Dot Da Genius) to promote the debut of HeadBanga Muzik. Standard fare from the Moon Man, although definitely although the Bob Dylan sample provides a more subdued beat than he usually goes off of. Worth grabbing, but I want that new new.

Download: Kid Cudi - "Highs N Lows"

MySpace: Kid Cudi

Video: Jack's Mannequin - "Untitled New Song"

Andrew McMahon and Co. debuted a new JM song recently at the infamous Viper Room in LA. Dude might be one of the most consistent songwriters around. Between Leaving Through A Window and The Glass Passenger, he's penned at least 100 great piano-pop tunes and this one is no exception. Memorable piano lines, distinctive lyrics, and his vocals are better than ever (seeeee-eeee-ingggg). Say what you want about the guy, but I got nothing but mad respect. Look out for a new Jack's Mannequin release sometime in Fall 2010.

MySpace: Jack's Mannequin

Hawkins - "Optimist (Yeah)" (Brand New/P.O.S. mashup)

Fuck doppleganger week, it's all about mashups 'round here. Amateur DJ Hawkins released a mix of Brand New's Sowing Season (Yeah) over P.O.S' "Optimist", pretty much melding two of my favorite songs from two of my absolute favorite artists together. Basically, not really much for me to hate on. Hit the link to hear it for yourself. PSA: I'll send a singing e-card with an original song to anyone who can hook me up with discounted recording software. Auto-tune preferable...

Download: Hawkins - "Optimist (Yeah)" (Brand New/P.O.S. mashup)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Video: Coheed and Cambria - The Year of the Black Rainbow (Trailer)

Between Lost premiere last night and this trailer for the newest Coheed and Cambria album, my threshold for epicness is closing in. This record ends the Amory War concept/mythos/whatever and one of the greatest collections of songs so there are a lotttt of expectations. Judging from their form on the >Neverender DVD and the new song clip at the end of this trailer (!!!), they're up for it. Year of the Black Rainbow drops Apr. 13, peep the tracklisting below.

Track listing:
1. One
2. The Broken
3. Guns of Summer
4. Here We Are Juggernaut
5. Far
6. The Shattered Symphony
7. World of Lines
8. Made Out of Nothing
9. Pearl of the Stars
10. In the Flame of Error
11. When Skeletons Live
12. The Black Rainbow

MySpace: Coheed and Cambria