Monday, March 23, 2009


The single from Wale's upcoming major label release, Attention Deficit. Track features Lady GaGa, who I'm all about right now for more than one reason. But yeah, "Poker Face" is everywhere and it should be. Anyways, this beat is dope, killer sample, Lady GaGa sounds perfect and Wale's flow is the realest. Can't wait for this so I'm gonna just put this on repeat or a while. Pete and Repeat. Hollaaa

Chillin (Ft. Lady Gaga) - Wale

-DMV Reppin'

Beneath The Heavens

Hot mixtape from 2007 I discovered yesterday from Cali rapper, Blu. I'm loving this dude. Just oozes sincerity, skill, and charisma. He's got this Common meets Mos Def meets Black Thought thing going. Also great production by Exile on this entire thing. I think I found my new favorite hip hop artist.

My World Is... - Blu

Show Me The Good Life (ft. Aloe Blacc & Joseph) - Blu & Exile

In Remembrance... - Blu & Exile

-Kick out D Jamz

Who Are You Now?

I've always loved This Providence, but when I heard their The Bright Lights EP I was really disappointed. Aside from the song "Waste Myself" (which was fantastic), I thought the rest were shit, especially the renovated version of "My Beautiful Rescue". When initial reviews came out for their newest release, Who Are You Now? I didn't even care anymore. I still picked it up though, on a whim.

And guess what? I'm really glad I did. This is my biggest surprise record of 2009. The vibe of the album stays a similar course as their self-titled joint from 2006. "Sure As Hell", the opener, is to Who Are You Now? as "Tautuo" is to Deja Entendu (not that This Providence could touch Brand New), a great indicator of the mood of the album. "Letdown" and "Waste Myself" start out the album on a great 1-2 punch (or 2-3 as it were). Other standouts include "Keeping On Without You", "That Girl's a Trick" and "Somebody to Talk To".

It may be a personal preference, but I really love their sound and think they have some real talent. Go nag this and be surprised. Like me.

Sure As Hell (Album Version) - This Providence

Waste Myself (Album Version) - This Providence

That Girls A Trick (Album Version) - This Providence


Friday, March 20, 2009

Hey Now

Hey Now - Augustana
Really catchy song. It's a shame that these guys are considered one hit wonders and only really known for "Boston" (although it is solid with one of the most memorable opening piano lines in recent memory). They have a lot of good tracks, especially this one of their most recent Can't Love, Can't Hurt. Check out the first single "Sweet and Low" too. Dope track.

"You'll kill yourself to find anything at all..."


The Pain

The Pain - Murs

Hot track from one of my favorite rappers. Murs takes this cut and really shows how he gets those days where you still want a girl, but can't bring yourself to go through anymore bullshit. Always speaking truth. And gotta shout out 9th Wonder always bringing the best soul samples. Holler at 3:16 or any Murs record for that matter.

"I'm a little bit shaded by a lot of what I see, so if you're still interested you should come get at me"