Thursday, April 17, 2008

Coconut Juice

First off, fuck the Caps. Devoted four hours of my day to watch you motherfuckers lose in 2OTs. Fucking Flyers. Ovechkin better put it together or I'm gonna lose my frikin cool.

Oh and following in the footsteps of such huge clubs song/musical phenomenons such as "Soulja Boy" and "Move Your Body Like a Cyclone", I bring you Tyga's newest track. He's the cousin of Gym Class Heroes MC Travis McCoy (who makes a cameo on the track). As the aforementioned songs, this tracks got a mindless notion, but a huge ass hook. Try and find yourself not singing it to yourself.

With no further adieu, "Coconut Juice (f/ Travis McCoy)"-Tyga

P.S. bonus points to whomever hits up all the celebs chillin in the video. Holla.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gangs of New York

Just finished watching "Gangs of New York". It's probably the fifth time I've seen it and it is a fantastic movie. Well-crafted story, Daniel Day-Lewis once more divulges himself in a ruthless, yet empathetic character (I see many connections between Bill the Butcher and Daniel Planiview), and the cinematography is beautiful. The way 19th New York City is reconstructed is wonderful. Likewise, Scorcese, as he does in many of his films, completely immerses the view in a deep experience. The characters have so much depth that you feel a range of emotions. A complex conflict also exists and, once more in Scorcese-fashion, is shown from start to finish so that a sense that the whole story unfolded before you without any missing pieces is achieved. B+ movie and another reason why Martin Scorcese is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, directors. Definitely and enjoyable movie. Highly recommended.

Lupe last Friday was fantastic. Played a pretty extended set (about an hour and a half).
+"The Coolest" acapella
+"Superstar" with Lupe singing the first chorus
+"Daydreamin'" high-energy encore.

Of course all his tracks were nasty and he puts on a great show. Tons of energy and gets the crowd into it. Not to mention waiting outside of Brown's auditorium he rolled by in his car and his hype man, Bishop G (check out "Fighters" to hear a name drop) yelled at us. Holla.
The man said he ain't own watches no more
time's ain't no matter, just an eye-sore
I've seen hatred and I've seen war
man's all ripped up, like his paper heart tore
kinda like the frays right down the middle of his Times
said it helps him learn how to read between the lines
It's fine to stay numb to everything I've seen
I remember young Sadie, the homecoming queen
brought her to the river just to dangle off the dock
first black boy to show pretty Sadie how to rock
but her Pop came down and showed me off his shot
put two shells in the air and Sadie went and dropped
My legs picked up my bones and I ran into the night
Sadie splashed in the lake and I took off in fright
Shame her Pops didn't know pretty Sadie couldn't swim
her wet blonde curls ain't blowin in the wind
they just sat, like a doll, just glued onto her face
Daddy killed his own daughter over her man's race...