Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I just watched "Superbad" for the second time. Classic movie. Such an accurate depiction of every guy at some point in their life. If you can't remember that time, you are either suffering from amnesia or are lying to yourself. Bow chicka bow wow.

Something that I've been thinking about recently is how important Facebook is to the existence of people at this age. If you honestly think about it, if you don't have a Facebook, it is almost like you don't exist. Literally. How many people begin friendships, relationships, etc... through finding people on Facebook and conversing there. So much is cut out if that isn't possible. Likewise, you see people taking pictures and immediately saying, "Wow, that is totally my next profile picture." Count how many people you hear discussing bumper stickers or cats saying random ass things. It's fucking taking over.

Makes me wonder how everything that encompasses one person can be centralized on one page. It's like cutting out that awkward, but fun stage where you learn small shit about someone you just met. Not to mention Facebook profiles seem to be a fact sheet for stalking. Creepy. 

Not trying to exclude myself from the dependancy on Facebook. It's just kind of scary that one person's creation can dominate society so much that it actually appears to be an addictive thing.

I've been a real Southern music kind of kick. Listening to a lot of alt-country, folk, blues type stuff. Pick up any John Lee Hooker you can grab if possible. Phenomenal musician. Of course Ryan Adams goes without saying in this category. Such a prolific dude, but all his material is fantastic and pretty diverse. Really impressive guy. Hope to catch him when he rolls through Boston soon.

Two others to check out who I've been chillin on recently. Both relatively upstart groups so give them a listen and if you enjoy try and show them support.

I walked to the edge of town
and found that everything had turn to dust
so I boarded a train
and I said I'd find my way out in the city
but the the buildings were so tall
like God's own fingers 
poking holes in the sky
just to see what the angels were hiding
I'll just stay on the ground
and hear what you have to say
have some drinks and laugh at the clocks flying past me
just to live for the moment that the Earth stood still

Peace and much love to ya