Monday, November 30, 2009

El-P- I'll Sleep When You're Dead

Decided to spin one of my all-time favorite alternative hip hop records, El-P's 2007 album I'll Sleep When You're Dead. Can definitely trace this back to one of the first records that put underground hip hop on the map for me.

Featuring a random group of guests ranging from Glassjaw frontman Daryl Palumbo to Yo Lo Tengo's Chan Marshall to Trent Reznor, as well as Def Jux boys Cage, Mr. Lif, and Aesop Rock, the album explores El-P's unique blend of futuristic atmosphere. Mind-boggling rhymes and bleeping beats brood along, evident in the stomp of Tasmanian Pain Coaster (with an outro filled out by members of The Mars Volta) and the slow burn of the politically volatile "Dear Sirs".

Still, El-P retains his animated style, his science fiction themes bubbling through the acid-trip of "Drive" and Ridley Scott might as well adapt a screenplay for "Habeas Corpses (Draconian Love)".

El-P knows what's at the heart of alternative hip hop and demonstrates that thoroughly with I'll Sleep When You're Dead. So don't sleep on it or you're dead...get it? Get it!

Buy: El-P- I'll Sleep When You're Dead

MySpace: El-P

Video: The Avett Brothers- "Slight Figure of Speech"

Hilarious video from North Carolina-based alt country act The Avett Brothers. Supposedly the director of Eastbound & Down shot this. Can definitely see that. Either way worth a good laugh. I and Love and You is fantastic, might even get some end-of-the-year love from some smart places...check it.

MySpace: The Avett Brothers

Friday, November 27, 2009

Video: Thrice- Shockhound Sessions

Clocking in at just over 21 minutes, you got to set aside some time to check this me it's worth it. Performing faithful versions of five songs of Beggars (including the title track--my personal favorite off the record) with great video and excellent sound quality, it's gonna be the best way to see the band live until you actually get up off your ass up and hit up one of their shows, which I highly recommend you do. GET!

Setlist: "All The World Is Mad", "The Weight", "In Exile", "At The Last", "Beggars"

MySpace: Thrice

Video: Manchester Orchestra- iheartradio Sessions

Peeps over at iheartradio posted a series of videos with a couple members of Manchester Orchestra. Really cool to hear them take on a myriad (5 pts) of topics ranging from their first album and concert experience to recording Mean Everything To Nothing to their unwavering work ethic. Best part is they also perform some acoustic renditions of "I Got Friends" and "Shake It Out". Give it love...

Watch: Manchester Orchestra- iheartradio Sessions

MySpace: Manchester Orchestra

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Video: Thrice- "In Exile"

First video coming off Beggars, falling somewhere between a tour video and random shots of scenery..deep mannnn. Song is one of the best on an album full of gems. I got many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving (what up fam and friend), but I'm also plenty thankful for Thrice making great music. Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!

In Exile

Thrice | MySpace Music Videos

MySpace: Thrice

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Video: Blakroc album trailer

Trailer for the Blakroc project which drops Black Friday...appropriate enough. "Ain't Nothing Like You" proved that the massive hype this project has got is worth it..forget all the other on sale items and grab this so you have something to vibe to before you pass out from massive turkey ingestion.

BlakRoc Trailer from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Website: Blakroc

Monday, November 23, 2009

Video: Paramore- "Brick By Boring Brick"

Surprisingly tripped out and big-budgeted video from Paramore. I also sense some Gwen Stefani-syndrome going on as no band member aside from a ridiculous hot Hayley really make an appearance. Haven't really listened to all of brand new eyes, but "Brick By Boring Brick" is one of the best tracks on it and one of the smartest these guys have penned.

Watch: Paramore- "Brick By Boring Brick" (Official Video)

MySpace: Paramore

Charles Hamilton- "Charles Hamilton is Back"

After disappearing for awhile suspiciously following the J Dilla controversy, the pink Sonic-obsessed Charles Hamilton is back. Dropped a song off an upcoming mixtape The Normalcy Project to break the news. Quality production, a more even flow...he's got me back in his corner.

Download: Charles Hamilton- "Charles Hamilton is Back"

MySpace: Charles Hamilton

Friday, November 20, 2009

Video: Jack's Mannequin- "Swim" (Live on The Daily Show)

Nice to see Andrew and Dear Jack get some love on the best daily show (no pun intended) on TV. Never really dug "Swim" but sounds a lot better acoustic. Glad you're better Andrew!

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Jack's Mannequin - Swim
Daily Show
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MySpace: Jack's Mannequin

Show Review: Brand New/Glassjaw/Crime In Stereo (House of Blues Boston)

Made time to get down to the brand new House of Blues near Fenway Park. Damn that place is nice and with 3 balconies and top-of-the-line sound system, it's huge in every way possible. But that's not why I was there...

Crime In Stereo: ...Is Dead has been one of the records I've listen to most this year so I was stoked to get to see them live. Ripping through tracks, the band played literally every song I wanted to hear ("XXXX (The First Thousand Years of Solitude)", "Small Skeletal" and "Third Atlantic".) Vocalist Kristian Hallbert was hit or miss but guitarist Alex Dunne's riffs/screams saved the day and drummer Scotty Giffin stole the show thundering fill after thundering fill.

Glassjaw: Playing with lights down brought out in Daryl Palumbo and Co. Still, delivering a brutally funky set lined with an urgent take on "Ape Dos Mil", a bombastic version of "Pretty Lush" and even all 7 minutes of "The Gillette Cavalcade". Daryl despite all his lunacy can still scream and croon seamlessly with the best of 'em.

Brand New: Any one who has read this blog more than once know my gushing love of Brand New. Still, they tried me last night taking 40 minutes to set up. However, when they came on...all was forgiven. Beginning with a couple tracks from Daisy, the band actually showed love to their older tracks...even dusting off "Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows" and "Mix Tape". Stunning visuals and ample improvisation of each track (including Jesse impromptu changing "Sowing Season (Yeah)" to "Sowing Season (No)") made it a truly special performance.

Long Island brought it and a sick feeling in me says this maybe the last time Brand New ever tour so I'm glad I could say I was there.

For anyone not able to check this tour out, hit the link below to download some high quality MP3s of Brand New's set at another House of Blues. And for any of ya'll living in the splash section of the nation that this tour comes through, don't miss out on a great show and get yourself there...ya heard?

Download: Brand New- Live at the House of Blues 2009

MySpace: Crime In Stereo

MySpace: Glassjaw

MySpace: Brand New

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Animal Collective- "Gaze"

A new track from hipster gods Animal Collective has hit the interwebz. Armed with breezy electronics and Beach Boy harmonies, the track is hijacked by a chorus flutes before throwing more beats and breathy vocals at your face. Sensory overload...check. Track comes off the Baltimore natives upcoming Fall Be Kind EP, definitely worth a listen or two.

MySpace: Animal Collective

Video: Passion Pit- "Little Secret"

Passion Pit have released an intergalactic video for their third single "Little Secret". I personally don't understand how "Moth's Wings" hasn't gotten love yet, but who am I anyways? Manners won't stop playing around here and despite my best efforts, Passion Pit have become one of my favorite new bands. Try and find some trippier pop songs and I'll get at you. Video below.

MySpace: Passion Pit

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Interview: Russian Circles (

New staffer Adam posted an interesting interview with Chicago instrumental group Russian Circles. Geneva is spinning regularly...if you like epic walls of sound for overcast days (i.e. fellow Windy City residents Pelican) look no further.

Read: Russian Circles Interview

MySpace: Russian Circles

Review: Therefore I Am- The Sound of Human Lives

Ever since The Receiving End of Sirens stepped down from the throne of post-hardcore gods in Boston, it looks like Therefore I Am have emerged as their successors...I mean the band even opened for TREOS' final tour. But with the release of The Sounds of Human Lives, they look like worthy of the crown.

Their debut record can only be described in the same way you'd describe the album art: fiery. Airing more on the hardcore side, vocalist Alex Correia's gritty screams and groans power through each brutal track. Songs like "My Father, The Fatalist" present the band at their best: combining searing riffs and agonizing harmonies before dropping a chorus so heavy you'd feel like it was shot out of a cannon. The album's composition is top notch, as even the instrumental title-track is a true stand out. The guys in TIA even acknowledge their predecessors with "For The Sake of Skin" which could pass as a TREOS b-side.

All in all this band as stepped up their game...solid album and anyone who calls the city of Boston home (even if only for college) should have this.

Grade: B

Buy: Therefore I Am- The Sound of Human Lives

MySpace: Therefore I Am

Doomtree- "Coup for the King"

Couple artists round here are hijacking the page..aka Doomtree. Dropped a new song a couple days ago, unbeknown to me (???). Lazerbeak's overloads the beat exceptionally, Sims and P.O.S. unleash killer verse..only thing missing is a hook. Grab it up along with a new mini-album entitled False Hopes Fifteen on December 6th.

Download: Doomtree- "Coup for the King"

MySpace: Doomtree

Video: Cassino- "Cannonball"

Perfect link between video and song. Loving the varied instrumentation in the all sorts of "down home" sounds. Kingprince has been sounding fantastic so far. Get at it...

MySpace: Cassino

Monday, November 16, 2009

Doomtree- "Gander Back"

Doomtree's 2008 self-titled is quickly becoming one of my favorite hip hop records. Genius beats and all five MCs stay point, while still keeping unique wordplay ever present in their lyrics. Particularly spinning "Gander Back"...Mictlan, Sims, and P.O.S. illustrating how effortlessly and comfortably they drop tracks. Any underground, check it, NEEDS Doomtree. Off you go.

MySpace: Doomtree

Video: k-os feat. Saukrates and Nelly Furtado- "I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman"

Pegged this as the song of this past summer, mostly because of the Phantom Planet theme song for all those OC fans. Ended up being a kinda under appreciated song...anyways, video's dope (what's with all the movie parodies), Yes! is dope, get on it.

MySpace: k-os

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stream: Person L- The Positives

Person L's new album The Positives is streaming over on there MySpace. Grabbed the record myself earlier...still need to give it a quality listen, but judging from the track lengths, they definitely retain their jams. Very well could see this in my top albums of the year. The Positives drops November 17th so get on it!

Stream: Person L- The Positive

Black Thought- "The Professional"

Been spinning The Roots a lot recently so gotta show some love to a new unreleased Black Thought track. Not as hot considering no beat can measure up with ?uestlove's drum skills, but the lyrics are on point. Still looking at Tariq as one of the more underrated MCs of all time. Need How I Got Over nowwwww.

Download: Black Thought- "The Professional"

MySpace: Black Thought

Introducing: Pianos Become The Teeth

Growing up in the pop-punk ridden area of Maryland, it's nice to see a solid hardcore band coming out of my state. Piano Become The Teeth's blend of equal parts bashing hardcore and dreamy post-rock interludes adds some originality to a pretty generic scene. All I can say is picture some throat-shredding screams over an Explosions In The Sky song...curious yet? Be sure to check out CJ of Bedwetting Cosmonaut's write up on these guys (also including a stream of "Quit Benefit") and pick up their debut record, Old Pride, out now.

MySpace: Pianos Become The Teeth

Saturday, November 14, 2009

U2- Sunday Bloody Sunday feat. Jay-Z (Live at 2009 MTV Europe Awards)

Talk about one of the stranger collaborations. Still, a socially conscious Hove over my favorite U2 song can't be anything but gold. Larry Mullin Jr's drumming, Edge's riffs, Bono's wails...don't think any song is more of a testament to U2's spot among the greatest like "Sunday Bloody Sunday". Gotta say Edge's back up vocals kinda bitched Bono here...who knew? Dope performance, though.

MySpace: U2

Friday, November 13, 2009

Video: Wale- Pretty Girls feat. The Roots (Live on Jimmy Fallon Show)

In honor of Attention Deficit's release, catch Wale re-working new cut "Pretty Girls" with house band The Roots. Look at that backing band...damn. Still this is one of the better tracks on an excellent debut from hometown boy Wale. Go grab Attention Deficit right now and I don't about the Grammy nonsense, but Wale's definitely put D.C. back on the map.

Buy: Wale- Attention Deficit

MySpace: Wale

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Video: Blakroc: Ain't Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo) (feat. Mos Def and Jim Jones)

Gotten hyped for this project since the moment I heard about it. How can the blues rock of The Black Keys, production of Dangermouse, and a host of MCs like Q-Tip, RZA, Raekwon be bad? Got the video to their first single and with a Mos Def droppin' a Citizen Cope-like hook, Jim Jones hopping on with gritty rhymes, and a bass-heavy blues grind, it all comes together. Looking forward to BlakRoc hittin' shelves November 27th.

Blakroc: Ain't Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo) Ft. Mos Def and Jim Jones from Jonah Schwartz on Vimeo.

Website: BlakRoc

Cassino- Kingprince

Whoaaa double meaning. I say that because not only can you head over to Cassino's myspace and sneak a listen at the title track from their new album, but you can also buy Kingprince in the iTunes store a whole month early. Can you handle THAT!

Buy: Cassino- Kingprince

Listen: Cassino- "Kingprince"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Video: The Starting Line- Something Left To Give

Gives a good taste for what Somebody's Gonna Miss Us is gonna be like. The song meanwhile is one of the best representations of the later Starting Line work. Really stresses their musical maturity. And god damn were they young at the beginning...Kenny looks like he's about 12 years old. Don't forget to grab Somebody's Gonna Miss Us on November 10th.

MySpace: The Starting Line

Friday, November 6, 2009

Video: Saves The Day- "Let It All Go"

Saves The Day posted an acoustic version of a new song on their website...I'm exactly 50/50 on it. Feeling some of the melodies, but hating the chord progression. Chris Conley's gotta have his shit together.. I got high hopes for Day Break.

let it all go (acoustic) from steven eugene on Vimeo.

MySpace: Saves The Day

Video: Manchester Orchestra- "Shake It Out"

Hilarious video... great seeing Manchester Orchestra pay homage to Sly Stallone's seminal arm-wrestling movie Over The Top. "Shake It Out" still my personal favorite song off Mean Everything To Nothing, the instrumentation in the last 2/3 of the song is pure gold.

Shake It Out (Music Video)

Manchester Orchestra | MySpace Video

MySpace: Manchester Orchestra

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Video: Big Sean- In Store at Dope Coture

Consider this your introduction to Big Sean. Already signed to Kanye's Good Music label and poised to blow up huge soon...most likely taking the spot left vacant by the sudden public downturn of 'Ye himself. Sean reps his clothing line (thumbs down), but throws down at a frat party (thumbs up). Nice to see fellow up-and-comer Mike Posner make an appearance too. More shit they do together the better. Familiarize yourself and look out for Sean's first full length Finally Famous soon.

MySpace: Big Sean

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Video: Good Old War- Maybe Mine

Cool video. Not my first choice for a video for them, but anything off Only Way To Be Alone is solid music. Looking forward to the split EP they'll release with Cast Spells in December...any new tunes from them are good ones.

MySpace: Good Old War

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Video: Brand New- Bought A Bride (Daisy Sessions)

Best song off Daisy...not a bad acoustic translation either. Anyone got MP3s of these Daisy Sessions? Lemme know!

MySpace: Brand New

Person L- Untitled

Along with a full-page feature, is offering up a new Person L song for download. One of the more straight-forward rock songs they've arranged, but Kenny is on point vocally and the jam-oriented "live" sound isn't dimmed. The Positives drops November 17th.

Download: Person L- "Untitled"

MySpace: Person L

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lupe Fiasco- Shining Down (feat. Matthew Santos)

Didn't get on posting about this song when it dropped back in July, but it's been spinning around here a lot so I figured I'd give it some belated love. Already got the feel of a classic Lupe track with it's squeaky synth beats and smooth wordplay. Matthew Santos hops on this as well, as he did a lot on The Cool...kid writes good hooks. No doubt that Lasers is gonna be a late addition to the Best of 2009 list.

MySpace: Lupe Fiasco

Video: Closure In Moscow- Sweet#hart (Backstage Sessions acoustic)

A couple of the guys from Closure In Moscow pulled up some shopping carts and laid down an excellent acoustic version of their single "Sweet#hart". The vocals are truly mind-blowing...I can't imagine the acoustics in a Walgreens' parking lot are that great, but Chris sounds pitch perfect. Any talk that these guys aren't the real deal can't cease now...

MySpace: Closure In Moscow

Cassino- Amelia

Another relaxing cut from Cassino's upcoming Kingprince, due to drop December 9th. Can't really go wrong with them...should look into Vegas lines for how many of their new songs will be named after girls, though.

Listen: Cassino- "Amelia"

Saosin- I Keep My Secrets Safe

Saosin really disappointed me with In Search of Solid Ground. That being said, album opener "I Keep My Secrets Safe" is one of the better songs the group has written. Carrying a barreling pace, the group couples vicious breakdowns with grooving verses, much like they executed so successfully on songs like "Come Close" and "Sleepers" off Saosin. Grab this, but check out the rest of In Search of Solid Ground at your own aural peril.

MySpace: Saosin

Sunday, November 1, 2009

DJ Benzi- Paranoid (Remix feat. Big Sean, Kanye West, and Mr. Hudson)

All about Big Sean on this remix...out 'Ye-ing Kanye on his own 808's and Heartbreak track. Lines like "Your girlfriend says I remind her of the rest/ well tell your girlfriend she remind me of the press/just talking and talking..." are dead on. Serious potential coming from him. Be sure to grab DJ Benzi's whole New Deal mixtape to get a real peek at the up-and-comers in the game.

MySpace: DJ Benzi