Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Video: Kevin Devine - "Off-Screen"


The fine folks over at Rolling Stone have the honor of exclusively introducing the video for KDev's excellent new single "Off-Screen". The concept of a one-eyed ginger puppet right out of a 90s Nickelodeon cartoon going on some acid-spiked spirit quest is an out there one, but here's how Kevin explained his and fellow directors Diana Schoenbrun, and Andy Cahill's vision:

"The 'Off-Screen' video came together in my mind when I first saw Diana Schoenbrun's Beasties exhibit at a cafe near my apartment in Brooklyn. I imagined something kind of hand-spun, analog, hallucinogenic, a creeping stop-motion sort of aesthetic."

Between the Concrete and the Clouds dropped today. Head over to Amazon to grab a copy for $3.99.

MySpace: Kevin Devine

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