Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Weeknd - "The Cure/"Superhero"

It's the weekend so it's only natural we show Abel Tesfaye some love. Here are two previously unreleased tracks from his earliest days, mostly done in a recording session with a production team called The Noise. It's interesting to see The Weeknd wasn't always the drug-fueled, bipolar wailer--especially on the shockingly standard "Superhero"--we've come to know him as. Although you do get a taste of it from the thumping 808s and gliding strings in "The Cure".

Consider these a reference point to see how far the young kid has come and a reason for us all to be thankful he'll be singing Drizzy's hooks for the coming years instead of Lloyd.

Download: The Weekned - "The Cure" / The Weeknd - "Superhero"

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