Tuesday, November 8, 2011

O'Brother - "Malum"/"Lo"

Andy Hull's proteges O'Brother dropped two new tracks off their soon-to-be released LP Garden Window, which hit stores on Nov. 15. "Malum" filters all the heaviness of 90s grunge through a kaleidoscope of hypnotic powers usually reserved for Thom Yorke. In regards to "Lo", I'll let vocalist/guitarist Tanner Merritt explain:

"'Lo' was the first song we had written with a more traditional song structure – whereas most of our songs up to that point had been longer with less repeating sections. The goal was to write a song that was a bit more accessible than the rest of our material, but still sort of summed up the band. Also, lyrically the point was the same. 'Lo' is track two on the album and the lyrics set a foundation for the rest of the record,"

Hear: O'Brother - "Malum" / "Lo"

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