Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Video: Best Coast - "Storms" (Fleetwood Mac Cover) (Live on Fallon)

Earlier this week, I heaped praise on Washed Out's cover of "Straight Back" that will be featured on the indie Fleetwood Mac tribute compilation Just Tell Me That You Want Me. Best Coast will contribute a cover of the band's classic "Rhiannon" to the same disc, but have been pedaling around a more impressive cover of the slow-burning "Storms" off late. They did just that when they stopped by Jimmy Fallon's stage last night, with Bethany Cosentino displaying some impressively classical chops and the band sounding as tight as ever. Truly beautiful--the brattiness and beaches sound pretty far away right now. Hit the link below to catch the performance.

Watch: Best Coast - "Storms" (Fleetwood Mac Cover) (Live on Fallon)

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