Friday, June 8, 2012

Video: The Gaslight Anthem - Making of Handwritten

With the release of the "45" video yesterday, the anticipation for The Gaslight Anthem's upcoming LP Handwritten is reaching unbearable status. If you're of the collective who just can't take it anymore, this Making of Handwritten video isn't going to ease your anxiety. The video features in-studio footage, interviews, and clips of new songs such as "Handwritten", "Here Comes My Man" and "Too Much Blood". While you'll have to translate the link below from German and log in--either via Facebook or using the username/password combo this wonderful Absolutepunk user kindly created--it's well worth the trouble.

Handwritten will drop July 24th. Pre-order the vinyl now here.

Watch: The Gaslight Anthem - Making of Handwritten

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